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Firkabox was established in 2010 with the aim of giving the widest selection of the brands we represent in Hungary. The webstore is operated by Telér-Trade ltd who is the importer and official representative of UNI, MAX, DAHLE and CABLE CANDY.

Our webstore was renewed in May 2020 in order to make it more visible and to make the way of buying process easier. We hope that our old customers will get used to the new look soon and the new customers will return. We wish you a nice stay at our website and a nice purchasing experience!


If you wish to become re-seller of UNI writing instruments, MAX staplers, DAHLE shredders, cutting machines, scissors, presentation materials or CABLE CANDY cable organizers, we are happy to answer your query. Contact information is to be found under the “Kapcsolat”(contact) menu point.



Here you can find more information about our brands:


What is UNI?

The brand name of UNI comes from the word UNIQUE.

The product developers of Mitsubishi Pencil Co. have always been focusing on the fulfilment of unique needs and payed specific attention to the outstanding quality and functionality of the products. This ambition brought the brand popularity not only in Japan but in several countries of the world including Hungary. Nowadays one of the strengths of UNI brand is the wide variety of the writing instruments. We can meet UNI writing instruments not only in the pencil cases of the students or on the office tables but in the agricultural, industrial environment moreover in the fine art and in the street art as well.

UNI presented its POSCA paint marker to the creative and artist users in the eighties. Since that time many years went by but POSCA starts to blossom nowadays. Lately due to the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 or better said due to the digital revolution we tend to use less classical writing instrument such as ball point pen or pencil. At the same time the demand for creating by hand increased. Many people re-discovered the joy of gardening, ceramic work or joinery while others found a new hobby in the gastronomy – like baking bread. Many people turned towards painting to express themselves. We were thinking primary on these people when we created our webstore where next to the creative products we offer other writing and office instruments of UNI as well. 


What is MAX:

MAX became the synonym of top quality in the field of office supply products in Japan, Asia and the Middle-East. The history of the brand started after the Second World War. The production was started in a factory that served earlier as airplane producer for military purposes. The bombing of Tokyo has successfully avoided the factory so the row materials, the machines and the workers remained untouched. Then the management discovered the market potential in clinching and stapling. The commitment to quality brought success to MAX as well. For the majority of the products they offer even today lifelong guarantee. If you are looking for a perfect stapler (it can be flat clinch stapler or electric stapler as well) and stapler pin you will surely find it among the office supplies offered by FIRKABOX.


What is Dahle?

It is a traditional, powerful and innovative brand, that has been helping you with your office work since 1930.

From pencil sharpeners, through scissors and cutting machines to shredders you will find Dahle products that meet the highest security and safety standards, easy-to-use, long-lasting and precise. Over the past few decades the blue colour of Dahle cutting machines become synonymous with precision.

The documnet shredder range has been in the spotlight since 2016, due to the launch of GDPR. Security is the central distinguishing mark of Dahle document shredders: from the entry-level document shredder for the small and home office to the high-tech shredder with fine dust filter, the Dahle range covers all security levels.


What is Cable Candy?

Cable Candy is a cable management solution that helps you tidy up all your cables at the office, at home or in your car.
The products are fresh, colourful and really easy-to-use. Check it out here.



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